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English For Meetings

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Eğitim Adı English For Meetings
Eğitim Tarihleri 10 Mart 2018
Eğitim Günleri Cumartesi – Pazar
Eğitim Saatleri  09.30-13.00
Eğitim Süresi 35 Saat
Eğitim Koordinatörü Öğr. Gör. Cengizhan AKDAĞ
Eğitmenler Öğr. Gör. Cengizhan AKDAĞ
Eğitim Ücreti 700 TL
Eğitim Yeri ATASEM
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Eğitim Hakkında Bilgi

CEFR LEVEL: B1+ and above.
English for Meetings teaches students the skills and language they need to participate in a meeting with confidence.
English for Meetings gives students techniques and strategies to help them communicate in business meetings, using appropriate vocabulary, key expressions, and phrases.
English for Meetings addresses a different scenario, which students may come across in a meeting.
English for Meetings is suitable for those chairing the meeting, as well as for other participants.
English for Meetings also covers other important topics surrounding the meeting itself, such as initial small talk, and how to follow-up on action points..

Could we meet next week? Arranging a meeting, confirming a meeting, rescheduling.
Can we start now? Making introductions, starting a meeting, stating the objectives.
Can I make a point here? Reporting progress, explaining cause and effect, dealing with interruptions.
I’m not sure I agree: Asking for comments and contributions, expressing opinions.
It’s a deal: Responding to offers, buying time, taking a vote, summarizing results.
So I think we’re finished for today: Ending a meeting, confirming decisions and action points, follow-up.