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English For Socializing

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Eğitim Adı English For Socializing
Eğitim Tarihleri 20 Ekim 2018 – 18 Kasım 2018
Eğitim Günleri Cumartesi – Pazar
Eğitim Saatleri  09.30-13.00
Eğitim Süresi 40 Saat
Eğitim Koordinatörü Öğr. Gör. Cengizhan AKDAĞ
Eğitmenler Dil Kursları Eğitim Kadrosu için tıklayınız.
Eğitim Ücreti 950 TL
Eğitim Yeri ATASEM
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CEFR LEVEL: B1+ and above.

English for Socializing teaches how to build good relationships with international clients and colleagues.
English for Socializing includes essential expressions and conversation techniques that will enable students to socialize and make business contacts in English.
English for Socializing presents realistic relationship-building situations. The well-structured and varied exercises allow students to practise conversational techniques and strategies.
English for Socializing includes speaking activities, which cover how to exchange pleasantries and chat with ease, as well as intercultural issues and soft skills.

Making contact: Making arrangements, meeting visitors, talking about plans.
Welcoming visitors: Talking about your company, offering refreshments, giving directions in a building.
Getting acquainted: Making small talk, talking about travelling, talking about personal possessions.
Entertaining a visitor: Showing a visitor around, talking about where you live, and recommending things to do.
Eating out: Deciding what to order, thanking somebody for a meal.
Networking at a trade fair: Starting a conversation with a stranger, talking about your company and products, following up a new contact.