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About the courses
Oxford Teachers’ Academy courses are suitable for teachers with an initial qualification and some teaching experience. Typically they provide 30 hours of core material, with suggestions for further reading and interesting websites, videos, and blogs for each topic.

Participants have 12 months to access the course content on their computers anytime, anywhere with access to the internet. That means they can fit their study around teaching commitments, at a pace to suit their own learning style.

Session aims and topics have been mapped onto the EAQUALS Framework of Language Teacher Training and Development.

Teaching English to Young Learners – mapping document (PDF)
Teaching English to Teenagers – mapping document (PDF)
Teaching with Technology – mapping document (PDF)
Teaching Learners with Dyslexia – mapping document (PDF)
Teaching Learners with Special Educational Needs – mapping document (PDF)

The structure of the session specifically facilitates self-study and helps all participants stay engaged through a media-rich, interactive learning experience, encouraging reflection, and providing suggestions of possible answers and solutions. Participants can also contribute to and create discussions and chat with other teachers taking the same course.



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